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Seven Times Dead

While waiting for a friend at a bar in Nice, France, American salesman Richard Slade is slipped a flash drive by a mysterious and beautiful woman, and his life spirals miserably downwards. He is followed, arrested and accused of murder.

Slade manages to escape to hunt down the one person who can help him save himself. But the more he struggles toward salvation, the more he falls into the grip of the law and the lawless, in this street-level crime story set on the French Riviera.

Seven Times Dead was first published in November 2016 by 280 Steps, Oslo, Norway.


“A fast-paced novel with plenty of white-knuckle suspense and intrigue. A nice option for fans of Jeff Abbott and Bill Granger.”

—Library Journal


“Pure noir. Readers will be reminded of Hitchcock's North by Northwest.”




—Publishers Weekly

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